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Vintage Wine Tomato Seeds by Thomas Etty Esq.

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Vintage Wine Tomato Seeds by Thomas Etty Esq.

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Vintage Wine Tomato Seeds from Thomas Etty Esq Heritage Seedsman. Pack of 20 tomato seeds. Variety: Vintage Wine. Cordon (Vine) tomato. Large pink beefsteak fruits with yellowish stripes. Sweet meaty flesh. Sow: January, February and March.


Pack of 20 tomato seeds. Variety: Vintage Wine. Cordon (Vine) tomato. Large pink beefsteak fruits with yellowish stripes. Sweet meaty flesh. Sow: January, February and March.

Vintage Wine Tomato


Standard seed - 20 seeds

Seed Counts.

Seed counts are  approximate, & our packets usually exceed the number quoted. Please let us know if you have received insufficient seeds.

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Unless otherwise stated, all seed is Standard. i.e untreated, but not organic.  Seeds marked OGS is organically grown seed. We are not registered with any organic registering organisation, however all of our suppliers of organic seed are, and it is their accreditation which will appear on the packet.  Very few of our seeds are chemically pre-treated, and we only supply treated seed where standard seed is not available

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Seed Despatch

Please remember that in order to offer our extensive selection of Heritage varieties we must receive supplies from over 30 seed houses situated throughout Europe, as we always strive to supply fresh seed, it can take up to 4 weeks to compile and despatch your order. Please consider this when ordering.  Orders are dealt with in strict rotation. We cannot stress enough the importance of receiving your orders early. Some of the seeds we list are offered exclusively through Mr Etty’s emporium & some are only available in strictly limited numbers.

Quality and Availability

The personal care & attention we at Thomas Etty devote to the selection of the choicest seeds reduces the chance of error to almost an impossibility. We only undertake, however, to use our utmost care & skill in this matter & do not warrant any article, either as to character or description, nor undertake any responsibility in case of disappointment. We do however undertake to replace, free of charge, any seeds supplied which can be proved to be misnamed.

All seeds are offered subject to availability & quality from our suppliers.  Where we discover a supply or quality problem  then we shall supply seeds which, in our opinion, are the closest approximation to those ordered.


Thomas Etty Esq., is a registered & inspected Seed Merchant/Packer with the DEFRA Ref No 2807

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